Do You Know a Psychiatrist/psychologist That Accepts Medicaid in Jacksonville, FL?

Question by Ashley Baugh: Do you know a psychiatrist/psychologist that accepts medicaid in Jacksonville, FL?
I am feeling anxious and angry all the time. I have 2 children and I know that alone can be overwhelming, but lately, I don’t feel the same. I have struggled with depression my entire life and I feel as if I am losing the ability to control my emotions. I have Medicaid and I have been searching for someone to go to, but I keep running into dead ends. Anyone know of any physicians here in Jacksonville, FL that accept Medicaid?

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Answer by D.D.
You should know that the local mental health centers usually take based on income, so look in the yellow pages under mental health or couseling, or just call medicaid, or social services.
Here is a far superior method that actually resolves anger/emotional pain/ once and for all, unlike anything psychiatry uses, and meds don’t heal anything, they cover over it.
so it would be worth your while to search out the superior method that will help you heal.
If you write tot hem they may know someone that is in training and would he,lp you for free, so ask.
The free version you can learn and apply is here,, many people have healed themselves with it. put anxiety, depression whateer into the search bar here,, read the success stories, the same method.
You also need time away from your children each day, and you should arrange that with other trustworthy moms to perhaps trade time baby sitting each day, and give each other breaks, even vacations. Notice I said trustworthy.
In some areas if you dial 211 they know professional babysitters taht will watch children while a parent in need, needs to take a break,.
If you go with psychiatry, they have little to offer besides worthless drugs. I would go for the healing.
Find a doctor that will test your hormones as well, look for hormone replacement doctors to do the testing, and then you know it is done right., you can decide on what treatment after that. hormones effect everything, and emotions.
best wishes

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