Agencies That Help Tulsa's Homeless Band Together to Fight 'K2' Drug Use

Agencies that help Tulsa's homeless band together to fight 'K2' drug use
The Salvation Army Center of Hope, the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, the John 3:16 Mission and the Iron Gate soup kitchen announced they will suspend service to anyone who is under the influence of the drug or has its residual odor on their person.
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US drug war slowly shifts fire away from low-level users
Someone was with Salvatore Marchese when he died of a heroin overdose, but no one called 911. So his mother, Patty DiRenzo, a legal aide, began a quest to help make sure that others wouldn't be afraid to make that call. She created a Facebook page, …
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Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Receiv Tribute & Free Medicine Help by Charles Myrick of ACRX — .” Enjoy a brief recap of this great organization doing a fantastic service in the community!” – American Consultants Rx-Chari…

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