Where Can I Find Drug Rehabs in Ancora, New Jersey That Offer Affordable Treatment Programs?

Question by DARLENE E: Where can I find drug rehabs in Ancora, New Jersey that offer affordable treatment programs?
My sister is addicted to cocaine and some other substance called “E”. I know that admitting her to a rehab would be costly but I want her to be treated as soon as possible. We’re the only ones left in the family and I don’t want her life to be devastated by drugs. I can’t afford to send her to an exclusive treatment center so I’m asking for your help if you know of low-cost drug treatment rehabs in Ancora.

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Answer by alyson d
You are a great sister and your sister should know that you’ll do your best for her to get well. I’ve searched some links for you and I hope these will help. Meanwhile, if you can’t find the right treatment center yet, it will be good if you ask a physician to look at your sister so he can refer you to some rehabs that they know.

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