Long-Term Chemical Dependency and Mental Issues Treatment Need Now in Phoenix, AZ PLEASE ! at the End of Life

Question by : long-term chemical dependency and mental issues treatment need now In Phoenix, AZ PLEASE ! At the end of life
Im a total basket case nowhere else to turn

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Answer by High Pro Glo
I Love You.

Answer by wireman1979
You need to call the local mental health facility as soon as possible. There are professionals there who can help you and will not judge you in any way. They can direct you to either a treatment facility, a program, or work with you directly. Please don’t give up…life must seem pretty bleak right now…but remember…whatever happened yesterday is passed and we cannot change it…we can only change what we do today and look forward towards tomorrow. I know many people who have faced similar issues as you are facing now…they found help and reached out for that help with both hands…and they are alive and functioning members of society and enjoying life now. It isn’t hopeless. Please make that phone call…there are people who care.

You can try the Arizona Drug Rehab Center, Banner Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, Corazon Treatment Center, Valley Hope Treatment Centers, Nova, Maverick House, the Agape Center, TASC, among others.

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