Are There Any Counsel Groups for Parents With Children Who Are Drug Addicts And/or Prostitutes?

Question by cheetahgrrl623: Are there any counsel groups for parents with children who are drug addicts and/or prostitutes?
My friend’s daughter has some sort of mental illness (bi-polar or borderline personality) and has been on the streets for just over a year. My friend has no idea what to do and has tried everything to get her daughter into rehab, but to no avail. Please help, her daughter is slowly wasting away, and my friend is so sad and frustrated!
The addict/prostitute is the daughter, and she’s 20 years old.

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Answer by Kat
Al-anon is for family members of alcoholics and drug addicts. They have meetings in every city, state. Just look under al-anon on the net in your area, people are there just like your friend so no one gets judged, Good Luck

Answer by bookluvr315
ok im not sure what u r looking for excatly, r u looking for a group for your friend or her daughter, and if so how old is her daughter? a good place to start in any event is to contact the local AA or NA and tell them what u r looking for and they might be able to suggest groups to meet your needs, other than that there is not much else i can suggest with out more information.

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