Drug Abuse Oklahoma: Effective Approaches for Drug Treatment

Methamphetamine in crystal form continues to be a dangerous drug threat in the state of Oklahoma. It is produced in Mexico and the southwest parts of the United States and brought in by the Hispanic organizations into the state. Cocaine is readily available in the state and is one of the primary drug concerns in the urban areas of the state. Black tar heroin is another perilous drug available in limited quantities near the urban areas of Oklahoma. Marijuana is available in most of the areas of the state. It is imported by Mexican groups via passenger vehicles and freight vehicles. Club drugs are brought into the state from Nevada, Texas and the West Coasts. As these drugs are readily available, abuse and addiction are becoming a serious problem in the state. Drug treatment in Oklahoma helps addicts to come out of addiction and lead a healthy life.

There are several effective approaches for drug treatment. Many of the treatment centers in Oklahoma provide treatment using medication. Methadone is the most common drug given to the heroin addicts. Other medications are also suggested by the professional to prevent cravings and reduce the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms experienced by the addict. Medications are generally prescribed to the patients who have already been detoxified. They help patients stop using drugs and become more receptive to successive treatments. Medications are also recommended to help the patient combat the adverse health effects like fits and depression, which may occur when he/she quits taking drugs.

Behavioral treatments provided in centers for drug treatment in Oklahoma are more effective in preventing relapse and ensuring that the recovered individual gets on with life positively. More often drug abuse and addiction are characterized by psychological dependence. Abusers use drugs to cope with some problems in their life or their inabilities. Behavioral treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy teach coping skills to the patients so that they can get rid of psychological dependence on drugs. The treatment centers have skilled staff members comprising of health care professionals, counselors and trained nurses. They work together with the patient and help him/her identify and avoid situations that induce them to abuse drugs.

If the addict is a teenager, drug treatment in Oklahoma includes programs like multidimensional family therapy. The therapy involves the family members of the patient in the treatment. In order to break the cycle of chronic drug use, the patient needs to make some important changes in his/her behavior, attitude and lifestyle. Behavioral therapies lend a hand to the patient to learn how to make such changes. Motivational incentives are effective way to encourage the patients to abstain from illicit drug use and instead use work and reward circuit as the benefiting agency, substituting the drug-reward circuitry in the brain. Relapse prevention therapy is yet another effective approach used to treat drug abuse or addiction by enabling a patient to sustain his recovery once he leaves the center. This therapy involves teaching patients to recognize the dangers of taking drugs and to implement coping strategies. A treatment, as you can see, comes as a complete package to help refurbish the life of an addict.

The centers for drug treatment in Oklahoma also tailor special programs to meet the unique needs of some patients, so that they can get rid of addiction and lead a drug free, healthy life.

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