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Two Parents' Groups Call Meeting on Drug Problem

Two parents' groups call meeting on drug problem
We need to continue the conversation about this drug crisis and help the organizations that are already taking action to address the issue. The government and volunteer organizations cannot do it all. It will take involvement from members of the community.
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National Take Back Initiative

National Take Back Initiative
Yuma, Arizona – The Yuma Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will give the public its eighth opportunity in three years to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and …
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Question by stargazer: Addiction?
Do you know anyone who succesfully fought alcoholism and ended up a changed person?
I mean personally, like a friend or love partner.

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Columbus OH Drug & Alcohol Rehab (614) 702-2251

Columbus OH Drug & Alcohol Rehab (614) 702-2251 — http://columbus.alcoholdrugrehabohio.com/ Columbus OH Addiction Help Today (614) 702-2251 Seeking a drug and alcohol rehab center? Contact us for more inform…

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Mother of Three Describes Her Struggle With Prescription Drugs

Mother of three describes her struggle with prescription drugs — Rachel Ketelle, a mother of three, talks about her addiction to prescription drugs. Ketelle’s first baby was born addicted to drugs and was taken away from h…

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Pat’s Story Pt. 2 – Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

Pat’s Story Pt. 2 – Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery — Brenda’s Story Pt. 2 – Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Watch Brenda’s story Pt. 1 of how recovery from drug and alcohol addiction has changed her life. G…

Roseville restaurant helps recovering addicts work, get treatment
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