Drug Addiction Oklahoma: The Menace of Cocaine Drug Addiction

A notable drug treatment center in Oklahoma has stated that cocaine addict is one of the most dangerous addictions a person can have. Cocaine is known by various code names like ‘coke’, ‘crack’, ‘blow’ and ‘snow’. This is one addiction that is quite difficult to suppress. Cocaine that produces strong burst of energy and endurance is known to have terrible repercussions.

Human beings are known to do a lot of unimaginable things that are not possible by mere strength. But then since it is a drug and a deadly one for sure, there can be a lot many negative repercussions by taking this medicine. For instance, the person can even kill another person, in certain cases, to make sure that he or she lays hands on the drug. The family, his relationship, college marks and performances at office etc are not important to a person who is high on cocaine.

Cocaine is used by injecting, snorting, sniffing and smoking. There are many people who snort, which means taking in the powder of cocaine through the nose, from where it goes to the blood-stream through nasal tissues. There are some who inject the needle to discharge cocaine directly into the blood. There is smoking of cocaine also which means inhaling cocaine vapors through the lungs where it goes to the bloodstream. There are people who take ‘Crack Cocaine’ the drug made from cocaine hydrochloride. The word ‘cracking’ struck due to the crackling sound that is heard when the mixture of ammonia, cocaine, water and baking soda, is smoked (heated),

Cocaine abuse signs according to a prominent drug treatment center, includes closed peripheral blood vessels, enlarged pupils, high body temperature, quick heart rate and blood pressure, lack of exhaustion/sleeplessness, hyper-alertness, fear, talking swiftly; seizures, mucus filled or bloody nose etc. Some of the identifiable marks with a cocaine addict includes white powder seen on face of the person involved or on his clothes, razor blades small, items like rolled money bills for snorting, and mirror edges that are used for making lines, little bottles with lids for storing and possession of cocaine, and little plastic packets of whitish powder.

According to a drug treatment center, cocaine snorts can give you a stimulation that lasts for 20 to 30 minutes while smoking can give you a high that is as long as 5 to 20 minutes. Increased use can reduce the period of stimulation. Scientific evidence shows that the potent neuropsychological feature of cocaine is responsible for an individual’s continued use, despite harmful physical and community consequences. In rare cases, there have been experiences of sudden deaths due to the first time use of cocaine. So, it is better to alert people about cocaine abuse, you never realize what exactly is ‘an overdose’ when you take this drug. So make sure you go to a rehab when you suspect that you are getting addicted. Rest assured, if you choose a good rehab, you are surely going to be treated well and kept continued observation so that you are able to restore yourself to good health.

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