Drug Rehab Centers Oklahoma City: The Past and the Present of Missouri

Missouri is a state which is located in mid western part of United States of America and is bordered by Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas. As far as population is concerned, Missouri comes at the eighteenth position among fifty states in the United States of America. Missouri truly represents a fusion of urban and rural culture when it comes to the demographic, economic and political make up of the nation. St Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia are four major urban centers of the state with St. Louis being called as the “western-most Eastern City” and Kansas City being called the “eastern-most Western city”.

The reason behind this is that Missouri is a transition state between the Eastern and the Western states of United States of America. The state is named after Missouri river which is one of the most important rivers flowing in the state which has a varied geography. The drug treatment Missouri river flowing from west to east connects the two largest metropolitan areas of the state, Kansas City and St Louis whereas another important river of the state,Mississippi defines the eastern boundary of the state.

According to Koppen Climate Classification, Missouri has a continental climate with a slight bend towards humidity where the winters are cold and summers are hot and humid. Since there is no high mountain or ocean in the vicinity to keep the temperature in moderation, the climate is influenced by the bitter cold wind from the Arctic and the hot and humid Gulf of Mexico. Archaeologists and anthropologists have traced the human habitation in the region before 1000 BCE along the river banks.

The first settlers who settled in this region were of French Canadian ethnic group who settled at a place which is an hour away from the south of St Louis. In due course of time, St Louis became a major center of fur trade in the country as many Native American tribes settled along the rivers Missouri and Mississippi. Missouri also developed as a major agricultural center of the region in the days of yore as there was a surplus production of wheat,tobacco and corn which was then traded to other regions.

However as time passed by, with prosperity there have been a rise in crime too. One of the biggest challenges of the United States of America in the present day is to tackle with problems of drug abuse.

Overdose of drugs not only affects the state of health of an individual but on a broader perspective, it becomes a social issue of colossal importance. Those who are staying in the region of Missouri and want to get the their loved one get rid of the problem of drug addiction and alcohol abuse can search for online directory of rehabilitation centers just by typing drug treatment Missouri or long term drug rehab in Missouri in the search bar of Google. Missouri also has a number of detoxification centres in addition to rehabilitation centres.

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