Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse Among Wounded Soldiers Uneven, Report Says

Fighting prescription drug abuse among wounded soldiers uneven, report says
Even after a dozen years of war, top Pentagon health officials have yet to impose uniform standards on fighting prescription medication abuse among troops wounded in combat, according to a Defense Department inspector general’s report issued Friday.
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Prescription drug abuse is foe we can beat
Billy was diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome, a condition in which a baby has severe withdrawal symptoms after being exposed to prescription medications (opiates, for example) or illicit drugs used by the mother during pregnancy.
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Program's end reopens debate on clean needles for drug users
Each day, dozens of drug addicts file into New Leaf Treatment Center hoping for a respite from their cravings. Gantt Galloway hopes to buy time for their recovery. A pharmacist and noted researcher, Galloway founded a drug treatment center in Lafayette.
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