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Heavenly Bodies Clinic ARLINGTON VIRGINIA – SIMPLE, PAINLESS & DRUG FREE TREATMENTS Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is uniquely positioned to serve as the first intervention for family health care today. TCM is a full medical system equipped to handle the dis-ease processes that families encounter today. Simple, painless, drug-free treatments bring immediate relief from symptoms, heal the underlying cause of the disharmony, and strengthen the body to resist further breakdown into symptoms. IMMEDIATE & EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS TO STRESS Traditional Chinese Medicine offers immediate and effective solutions to the health problems that result from the assault of daily stress. An increasing number of “mysterious” symptoms are lumped under the general categories of autoimmune disease, environmental disease, and psychosomatic illness. But at Heavenly Bodies Clinic, we find that to our patients there is usually no mystery at all as to when the symptoms started and why. ACUPUNCTURE: THE BEST KNOWN TREATMENT The most well known treatment within TCM, acupuncture is the insertion of hair-thin needles at exact points along the body. US doctors of acupuncture use sterile, one-time-use needles. HEAT, HERBS, MASSAGE: MORE TREATMENT METHODS Other methods of pain relief, symptom care, and disease prevention within Traditional Chinese Medicine include: Treatment with heated herbs called moxibustion; friction treatment along areas of pain called guasha; cutaneous meridian massage called tuina; and herbal formulas that can be applied


Third chance for one kidney

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"By then, they (the doctors) had noticed there was a lot of protein" leaking from his kidneys, said Fearing, 27, of Arlington Heights. "I think I was at about like 20 percent kidney function when they did my first biopsy, and it deteriorated to 13 …
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28 Arrested in Fairfax-Based Cocaine Trafficking Case

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“These individuals face charges for their alleged involvement in a drug trafficking ring that brought large amounts of cocaine into our communities,” said Assistant Director in Charge McJunkin. “Together with our law enforcement partners, …
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SENIOR POWER: Gerontology 101: Now Hear This

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She will also talk about children and computer use and cyber bullying. Q&A follows. Kensington Library, 61 Arlington Ave. Free. 510-524-3043. Tuesday, May 15. 6 – 8 PM Free Legal Workshop: Alternatives to Foreclosure. Steven Mehlman, a local attorney, …
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