How Do I Kick This Alcohol Addiction?

Question by Mrs. Alvarado: How do I kick this alcohol addiction?
I’m only 25 but I feel the need to drink every night. I have one dui but really should have had more. I have 2 kids and a full time job so AA seems impossible to fit into my schedule. My husband is an enabler because he is an alcoholic too. I want a different life style but don’t know where to begin.

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You’ve taken the first step and acknowledged you have a problem.

When you’re ready, make a commitment to go one day at a time without alcohol. Ask your husband to take this journey with you, to save your marriage, for the sake of your kids, hell, even to save money!

Reward yourself with dinners, massages, or anything non alcohol related.

Prepare for mood swings and self doubt.

See if you can join an online AA forum. Some people have meetings once a week, others just go when they can. It’s very encouraging.

You don’t need a group to quit drinking, just yourself, a solid promise, and determination.

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