I’m Located at Centerville, Georgia. How Do I Look for Addiction Treatment Centers?

Question by athziri cc: I’m located at Centerville, Georgia. How do I look for addiction treatment centers?
My son is addicted to alcohol. I think it’s best that he finally went to an addiction treatment center. I want to know how I can look for one.

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Answer by delila f
When looking for the right addiction treatment center, it’s important that you have a variety to choose from so you have a lot of options. Addiction treatment centers vary with regard to the programs they use, so it’s best to inquire about this before making any decisions. To get a list of addiction treatment centers, you may inquire at the hospital, or consult a telephone directory. I have also included links below that will be of help. Good luck on your search!

Answer by Skorpian
phone book and/or try www.health.org, follow links there, they have online search for this

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