In Oklahoma, What Are the Best and Worst Case Scenarios of Charges/consequences for a Pending DUID?

Question by : In Oklahoma, what are the best AND worst case scenarios of charges/consequences for a pending DUID?
I need to know specifics on these possible scenarios. Anyone help, advice, or personal opinions would be much appreciated.
Suspension of license for how long of a time period? Temporary driver’s license with a blow device in car?
I know for a fact that there will be random drug tests and drug abuse classes, seeing as it is a DUID. (driving under the influence of DRUGS).
I am just desperately wanting a motorcycle endorsement on my license, but it would be pointless if it were suspended shortly after.
That is why I need anybody’s opinion on this.
Background info- It happened in Canadian County. I was on probation from a time when I was 17 and violated that probation (with the DUID) shortly after turning 18. (This is irrelevant though. The violation for that was dismissed). There was no charge of possession. First time offense with any substance. I was issued a document that serves as a temporary driver’s license until after arraignment and court.
The actual charges pending are a ‘DUID’ and ‘left of center’.


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Answer by OSIFFER
Forget the motorcycle endorsement for now and forever if you plan on riding under the influence, left of the center line on a motorcycle could get you dead. Suspension is almost guaranteed so you may as well wait on the endorsement and you will have to take the classes. The best you can hope for will be a hardship license with the alcohol interlock device.

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