Is There a Direct Line Ot Call to Report Drug Use Around Children in Texas?

Question by Jenell_Rose: is there a direct line ot call to report drug use around children in texas?
i know a person who sells their food stamps, has unauthorized people living in on their section 8, physically and verbally abuses their children, and uses drugs around them.

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Answer by anti_pc_whiteman
thank you for doing your part to bring down the stupid people and protect the children. just call and talk to a cop. you are a good person

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Texas DPS Aviation Video – Mexican Drug Smugglers – The Texas Department of Public Safety and multiple federal agencies have been making good progress against Mexican drug traffickers with use of aviation surveillance. DPS Aviation video shows drug smugglers on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River as they recover their load of marijuana. Due to US law enforcement presence, the smugglers were unable to transport their load across the river and into Texas for distribution. Video from the Texas Department of Public Safety


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