Is This Type of Elected Official Someone Who Really Votes on Issues That Concern Global Warming?

Question by Pat: Is this type of elected official someone who really votes on issues that concern Global Warming?
Thanks for the laugh Cyclops!

Guam will tip over if too many people are on the island?

He grew up in Washington D.C. and was also an Associate Magistrate Judge for 10 years.

This just goes to show how uneducated our judges and politicians can be along with people’s intelligence on how they elect officials to our Government. Amazing!

If this is what he thinks of how the planet works, he might think that if he walks too far he might fall off of the Earth.
Jeff M – That just goes to show your misunderstanding of the facts told. Grade school taught me an amazing fact that “In winter the Earth is closest to the sun, but the tilt on its axis keeps the northern hemisphere the farthest away from the direct light from the sun and the southern hemisphere therefore is closest and has more direct sunlight.” Hence, the southern hemisphere is closer to the sun than the northern hemisphere during the northern hemisphere’s wintertime.

Did you grow up in Washington D.C. also?
Jeff M – I am hoping that science taught in the 60s went out of their way to show kids how the planet revolves around the sun. They sure did in my hometown growing up. It was one of those amazing facts. I wonder what I would be thinking if I grew up in Chile, Argentina, or even Australia or New Zealand. Any inference by you that Sagebrush doesn’t understand this basic principles of how the Earth travels around the sun is an insult to your own intelligence.
Thanks Trevor for verifying my first impressions when I saw this for the first time this morning (6/23/13)! I’m surprised that he didn’t get a re-call vote from his Georgian constituency after this divulging of intelligent information. The fact that he was an Associate Magistrate Judge bothers me also.
Climate Realist – I said nothing of the sort! Did you grow up with Jeff M and the Congressman in Washington D.C.? Interpretation is where the question lies. Your own interpretation suggests that I said that ‘anyone who believes in Global Warming also believes that Guam can tip over’. The question asks about the intelligence of policy-makers who vote on Global Warming issues for the people in his own district (his constituency that he represents) when he clearly has no clue about Guam and its buoyancy.
Hey Dook – OK! It seems that the Congressman knows that he has problems thinking. Do you think he can reason his way to an understanding that he might not be able to give an intelligent response to a question? … vote with intelligence? … or even reason a question towards an issue in a reasonable manner? He admits to a mental impairment and therefore should have the intelligence to resign from his position based on that alone.
Jeff M – You know what he meant. His intelligence about the issue wasn’t in question. You made an issue that wasn’t an issue. Since you spelled “tat” in your response to this question instead of “that”, then I can assume that you need to go back to Grammar School before you can answer any questions intelligently. Right?
Jeff M – Thanks for an honest answer. I would agree wholeheartedly with your response. It’s not that I was pointing at Democrats specifically, but this guy’s driveway definitely doesn’t quite make it to the street. Wintertime might just mean the same thing as nighttime to him.

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Answer by Jeff M
I’ve erased my response as the discussion is going nowhere. Anyways, I agree this guy is babbling on about something he doesn’t know that much about. Overall I believe the majority of politicians and such know little about the actual science involved and more about what the public wants them to see it as. This is why you should never trust a politician unless they are well studied in the area. And even then questions will still be there. It’s like trusting a lawyer. Overall, though, I would say this is the extreme.

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