Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens to Kill Texas News Reporters


Mexican Drug Cartel Threatens to Kill Texas News Reporters – A news report that open-borders advocates would prefer that you not see. The Mexican Drug Cartel is now operating with relative impunity on both sides of the Mexican border. News Reporters are now threatened with death for covering the drug cartel operations in Texas and northern Mexico. Mexican gangs move drugs, arms and people across a WIDE OPEN border. Meanwhile, Bush, Kennedy and others are defunding border security. Outrageous report on how the federal government disregards drug trafficking to appease special interests–at the peril of our communities. Source: CNN July 16, 2007


Federal Agencies Highlight the Good, Bad And Ugly of Prescription Drug Epidemic

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Existing 2009-2010 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (which garnered more than 70000 responses) were reanalyzed, and showed that more than 70% of the 2.4 million Americans who abuse prescription drugs for the first time each year get …
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Aryan Brotherhood of Texas generals fall as fed probe continues

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They are too weird and dysfunctional in how they handle their lives – heavy drug use and sociopathic personalities.” Authorities have secretly recorded their conversations, phone calls and meetings. Photos show them meeting in a barn-turned-hideout and …
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Savara Pharmaceuticals Raises .6 Million in Series B Financing Round

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AUSTIN, Texas, June 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Savara Pharmaceuticals, an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative pulmonary drugs for the treatment of serious and life-threatening conditions, today announced that it has raised …
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