Parenting Concerns, Child Abuse?

Question by nicholas_sevas_tra: Parenting Concerns, Child Abuse?
I just moved here not too long ago, and I have a friend of mine who lives in my old hometown, Oklahoma. She is 17. Her dad and mother are divorced, her dad is an alcoholic, and she lives with her mother. Her mother is dating her ex, who was and still is a drug user/drinker. Her brother physically abuses her, has broken her computer, tv, and guitar on a few occasions, and her mother seems to turn a blind eye. Me and her talk at least once a week as she is a great friend of mine. This week, her brother went to stay at a friends and took all the blankets off of her bed, her mother refused to give her her blankets, as she is OCD or so my friend says, and she has been sleeping in two hoodies and two pairs of jogging pants all week. She stays sick and says she is coughing up blood and has been for 5 days. Her mother just tried to commit suicide about a month ago and her dad has been in and out of jail for DUI’s.

I am trying to find something, or anything I can do for her, or the state could do for her. She won’t sue or take any charges against her mother, and she won’t fight back her brother, she has low self esteem and believes she deserves it as karma.

Advice, help, laws, notes, anything?
I live by myself, and I am trying to get her to do something. She won’t raise a finger to her mother, so idk what to do, I have had long talks with her about standing up and how this isn’t right, she just says it will all be fine. So I will do what I can and see what happens.

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Answer by funnysht
contact the child protective services of Oklahoma and let them take care of the problem. Ask your parents to let her stay with you until her parents get cleaned up.

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