The Everything books…An Addiction?

Question by Branwen: the everything books…An Addiction?
I’ve been reading and coollecting those everything book at half price books store. I just sit and read them. I have like `50 or something of these books and I am sure I will buy more it becomes avaliable to me.
I wasa wondering if anyone else has taken up this addiction aswell or am I just strange?
Everything bookd is a long line of books that help you in loads of subjects.
For example there is an Everything Wedding book . this book tells you how to plan your wedding from engagment to I do.
Or the Everything creative writing book that is a teaching tool to help learn to be creative and how to write.
There is an everything Study book, everything selling book, home-based business book, palmastry book, NUmberalogy book……. The list can go on and on.

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Answer by uncoolmom
I love books and they are my biggest passion.I always keep buying them and soon I am going to buy a new bookshelf.I read at regular basis.There is lot of knowledge that came only through books.I have good contacts with people but when I am fed up of everything,books are a good companion.
PS:Don’t hear to those who don’t like books.

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