18 Years Old With No Where to Go.?

Question by : 18 years old with no where to go.?
I’m working with a 18 year old male who is currently in a rehabilitation center. His parents abandoned him at thirteen and he has been doing drugs and selling drugs since. After overdosing one of his family members sent him to rehab.

He gets out of rehab soon, and just within the last couple of days, has expressed extreme fear about what he’s going to do when he leaves, he is going right back to the same situation he was in, and does not want to end up back living with the same “friends” who encouraged his drug use and selling.

I have been looking for places for him to go in Texas/Oklahoma, Job Corps, Covenant House, Stars of Hope.

I hope that someone else can give me Ideas, so I can give him choices. He has never spent any time in jail, and is fairly intelligent. Common sense wise, and (despite slipping through the cracks in school, and having untreated ADHD) is fairly book smart, knowing his basics basics pretty well.

Anyone know of anymore places to go besides the ones I have found.

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Answer by worrier
Those are all excellent choices. He might want to consider the Coast Guard as well. If not the Army or some other branch of military. The coast guard would be a great idea, it would give him a place to be, help him learn a trade, and give him a stable environment. They rarely see wartime, and would be a wonderful experience for your friend, it would greatly improve his future while taking care of his present.

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