Is Drug Use Really Lower in Texas Compared to Other States?

Question by : is drug use really lower in Texas compared to other states?
ive seen statistics that show that drug use in Texas is lower than many states and i seem that hard to believe, i have lived in Houston and areas of Austin and i have found that most young people i have run into like to drink and smoke weed when ever they get a chance. Even in family suburban areas i have lived in i have found prescription drug use to be high and i know there is use of harder drugs like crack and heroin use in the bad parts of towns. in rural areas i have found drinking to be very high and drugs like meth. Have i just been in places that don’t describe most of Texas or are the statistics off because i states like Massachusetts had a lot higher drug use on the statistics and i have been there many times and it just didn’t seem like that to me

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Answer by Matt Clarke
It’s america, compared to the rest of the world the drug usage is amazing.

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I do not understand the drug they use for executions in Texas. Nembutal I heard it was. They had to release info they wanted private – by Bumpyknight (David J. Baumgartner)